What if I really need to meet with you but I’m not available to meet in person?

There may be times where you find yourself unable to attend a therapy appointment in person while you are in treatment but really needing therapeutic support from me. Common examples include a schedule conflict, having to leave for college or graduate school, traveling on a business trip or going on vacation. However, I offer telehealth services (see below) to help bridge this gap as long as you are still present within the state of California during the time of the appointment. An initial in-person evaluation is required in order to assess whether this service is appropriate for you. You should also contact your insurance provider to see if telehealth is a covered service if you’re using insurance towards your therapy. Telehealth is a good bridge of support while you are temporarily away, but meeting for therapy in person still offers more valuable results. I encourage you to discuss this with me if you think you could benefit from this service.

What is telehealth?

According to CAMFT (California Association of Marriage and Family Therapist), “under California law, ‘Telehealth’ is the delivery of health care services using information and communication technologies to consult, diagnose, treat, or educate a patient while the patient is at an ‘originating site’ and the health care provider is at a ‘distant site’. The ‘originating site’ is the site where a patient is located at the time health care services are provided through a telecommunications system.” Telehealth is a live, real-time, interactive, audiovisual, two-way communication. An example of a live, real-time, interactive communication is therapy performed over the telephone or through videoconferencing.

How does it work?

I use a HIPAA-compliant program called Doxy.Me to help protect and secure your private health information. It’s easy to use. Free to you. And there’s nothing you need to download or accounts you have to create. I will provide you with my personal URL which you can click and open in either Crome or Firefox at the time of the appointment, and voila!